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Gift box with diversified structural design

  Modern gift boxes have a single structure and a variety of refurbishment situations. As the most rarely used paper packaging product, corrugated cardboard boxes have been continuously developed and refurbished in the course of use. High-strength corrugated composite boards are used as refurbished products. The corrugated horizontal arrangement structure of traditional corrugated cardboard is changed, and the corrugated structure is adopted. It can be used to replace heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, and wood-based high-end gift box packaging. It can be called a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. As a carton for product packaging, it is particularly important to improve its waterproof performance.
  Individual conventional corrugated cartons have poor waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and the recycling of coated cartons presents greater troubles and difficulties. The new recyclable waterproof carton, through the use of hydrolyzable resin, the carton's waterproof and moisture-proof performance can be better improved, and it is easily degraded when recycled, which is a fantasy technology to replace the film-coated carton. It can be said that the renovation of modern product packaging structures is changing from simple sales packaging and transportation packaging to functional packaging structures. Nowadays, the refurbishment process of corrugated boxes with anti-erosion features has come out. The inner layer paper of high-end gift boxes Coated with special materials, the items in the box can be kept for more than 5 years without adding other anti-corrosion methods. This function is derived from the highly active copper element network, which can effectively neutralize corrosive gases. . As the pace of my country’s circular economy slows down, the renovation of paper product structure and consumption techniques will be carried out in a direction that is beneficial to ecological protection, energy saving, material saving, consumption reduction, economy, and simplicity. Paper will replace wood and paper will replace plastics. , Substituting paper for glass and paper for metal, will become the mainstream of modern and future commodity packaging for a period of time.
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