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Gift box production process

  The production process of gift boxes is much more complicated than that of origami boxes. The subsequent processing of origami boxes is generally by printing-surface finishing (bronzing and silvering, laminating, partial UV, protruding, etc.)-die cutting- Gluing-inspection-packing is completed.
  The production process of the gift box is from printing-surface finishing-outer material die cutting-gray board die cutting-gray board slotting-gray board molding-outer material pasting-assembly-inspection-installation The box is complete. From the perspective of the processes of the two products, the gift box manufacturing process is complicated and cumbersome, and the process standard is much higher than that of the origami box.
   The most common high-end gift boxes in our daily life are made of paper, and the paper surface is also the most suitable for applying more process treatments, so the following is a process description using paper as the fabric.
  1. Paper selection
   According to the customer's document design requirements and the effect to be reflected, the choice of paper is very important. The main considerations in this regard:
  ①The type of paper, such as coated paper, art paper, or pearl paper.
  ②The thickness of the paper. The paper should not be too thick, it is easy to wrinkle when pasting, but it should not be too thin, otherwise the protruding effect will not be reflected.
  ③Consider the decorative effect of the surface.
  2. Surface decoration
   There are many surface decoration processes, the most common is mainly offset printing, and then various processes carried out on this basis are:
  ①Reverse upward light;
  ②Laminating film (light film, dumb film, touch film, scratch resistant film, etc.);
  ③ Hot stamping (gold, red gold, color gold, silver, laser, etc.);
  ④Partly scrape UV oil or screen ink;
  ⑤Special colorful powder;
  ⑥Excited convexity;
  ⑦ embossing and so on.
  3. The choice of grey board paper
  Gray board is abbreviated as gray board card, which is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. Mainly divided into single gray, double gray, full gray, high gloss, according to the customer's requirements for surface smoothness. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material, with a quantitative range from 250g to 10000g, a thickness from 0.4mm to 20mm, and even no upper limit for the thickness and quantitative. The gray board card of the appropriate specification is usually selected according to the size of the gift box.
  4. Die cutting
   Die cutting is a very important link in the manufacturing process. Special gift boxes have higher technical requirements for die cutting. Precision and accuracy determine the quality of the product. A little error directly affects the quality of subsequent processing.
   5. Slotting
Slotting is to use a slotting machine to make a V-shaped groove on a gray board with a thickness of 1~4MM. Generally, a connection layer of about 0.25MM is reserved. The V-shaped groove is angled, generally 90 degrees, 120 degrees, or according to the product structure Cut out V-shaped grooves with different angles.
   Slotting is a key step in gift box production. Before the gray board card is formed, the gray board must be removed in a V shape, so that after the gray board card is bent, the outside is straight and the inside is square, with sharp edges and corners, and the four corners are accurately matched.
  6. ​​Paper
  Mounting is a necessary process in the gift box craft. According to the requirements of different products, the copper paper, art paper, flannel, and leather are glued or sprayed through a glue machine, and they are tightly adhered to the gray board. At the same time, the two are combined into one, so that the gray surface of the gray board is changed to a new look, which not only beautifies the appearance of the box, but also increases the added value of the packaging box.
  Usually the packaging boxes are mounted first and then die-cut, but the pasted gift boxes are die-cut and then mounted. The purpose of this is: one is to fear that the outer material will be stained and affect the appearance; the other is that the gift box pays attention to the harmony of the overall effect. Mounting can completely conceal the support body, so that the gray of the gray board is wrapped with a novel design outer material, and what we present is a beautiful artwork; third, some complicated box-shaped structures are still inseparable from manual operation Pasting, this is not that the machine cannot be replaced, but that every detail of the box can be pasted and glued in place by hand, so that the outer pasting paper and the gray board can be adhered more closely.
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