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What principles should be followed in the design of gift boxes?

  People rely on clothes, horses and saddles, and products also rely on packaging. The more high-end products, the more picky about the choice of packaging, not only to satisfy consumers, but also to consider the consumer level of consumers. The gift box is a test of the manufacturer's technology. The higher the quality of the gift box, the higher the cost. Many unique gift boxes are made by hand.
  From design, material selection, printing to completion of a gift box, it is not easy to achieve the expected packaging effect. It is not only necessary to consider the characteristics of the paper, the adaptability of the craft, and the difference between printing and design colors. In the meantime, a designer is needed. , Technologists and production coordination. The following suggestions are made for the design of gift boxes. It is recommended that you follow the corresponding design principles.
   1. The company must have a clear positioning of the product.
   This positioning refers to the grade of the product. The packaging used in the low, medium and high-end is different, and the cost control price must be planned, otherwise the manufacturer will not be able to give advice. Packaging boxes, craft boxes, gift boxes, etc., are all different in price, and the design should also consider the applicability of these materials.
  2. Clarify the target customer group of the product
   Cosmetics are mostly for women, razors are for men, and toys are for children. Different groups have different preferences. The design seeks inspiration and entry points from this aspect, which can catch consumers' attention even more.
  3. Can be simple and simple
In addition to the information that is hardly required, it can be simple and simple. Simplicity is a kind of beauty. In a simple and rude way, let the customer be clear at a glance, and curiosity can deepen the customer's impression. And overly complex things not only increase the cost but also lower the grade.
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