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Gift box packaging design must be creative and carton shape characteristics

  In our lives, we have learned more about gift box packaging. Maybe you also think that those gift box packaging are not very interesting, just like that, but in fact, gift box packaging can still make people shine, such as the following.
  1. Creative and unique egg gift box packaging design.
  For example, this year is the Year of the Rooster. An egg manufacturer specially used the element of the Year of the Rooster to design a gift box for its own eggs. You can see that the gift box makes good use of the chicken element. Such egg gift boxes are sold. I believe many People will be attracted by it.
  2. Creative tea gift box packaging design.
  With the improvement of people’s taste in life, tea has become the first choice for Chinese people to present to relatives and friends during the holidays, and the packaging is becoming more and more exquisite. Gifts are the embodiment of our hearts. We personally make love gifts or purchased products in our printing factory. All without exception, a packaging that can reflect the effect is required, whether it is interesting, mysterious, beautiful, or surprise. When the guest slowly opens it, it is like showing him the different thoughts you want to express, leaving it to others. This is the meaning of gift box packaging.
  Strictly selected from Taiwan’s high-quality tea garden series, the tea leaves are fully grown and harvested, and the professional tea roasters have unique techniques. After importing, the tea fragrance rises, and the throat rhyme is endless. On the packaging of each tea gift box, there is a piece of tea. Facing the endangered species, when tasting the tea on the island, you can also get to know these beautiful animals in Taiwan. There are many unique life species, because we give ourselves too much living space, but their lives are because of our moon cake box. Selfishness is lost. When the silent voice roars, we should humbly learn how to coexist with the ecological environment, so that every kind of life has the right to be continued.
  Gift box packaging design needs to be creative, and it does not mean that the packaging design is required to be wonderful. Those gift box packaging that are too creative will make people unacceptable, and the gift box packaging shown above is just right, one more The point is too strong, and one point is too weak.
  One of the more important design elements in the product is the shape of the packaging. Similar to other principles such as architectural design and industrial product design, the box-shaped design and container shape design of the packaging are determined by their own functions. The nature, shape and weight of the packaged products are determined by the Beijing Printing Factory to rationally operate the principle of three-dimensional composition in solving the packaging structure, which is a more scientific design method.
   One, the packaging carton body design.
  The carton is a three-dimensional shape, and its blooming process is the process of moving, stacking, folding, and enclosing a polyhedron formed by several composed faces. The faces in the three-dimensional composition play the role of dividing the space in the space. Different parts of the surface are cut, rotated, and folded, and the obtained surface has different emotional expressions. The plane has a sense of flatness, smoothness and simplicity, the surface has a soft, gentle, and elastic feeling, and the surface has a soft, round and simple feeling. , Plump, square strict, solemn... and these are exactly what we must consider when we study the structure of the carton.
  The study of polyhedrons in three-dimensional composition lies in the packaging box looking for the law of change between the faces of the polyhedron, and exploring the relationship between the face change of the shape and the strength of the material.
  2. Packaging container shape design.
  The same space art of container modeling design uses various materials and processing methods to create a three-dimensional image in the space. When determining a basic shape, the "sculpture method" is often used as the basic method, and then the shape is cut and cut. Congruent.
  The positioning of the basic shape is derived from geometric shapes, such as spheres, cylinders, cones, etc. The bottle shape of cosmetics is usually a cabbage cylinder as the basic overall shape, and the three-dimensional structure of the cylinder is mainly reflected in the change of the end of the column. In three aspects, the change of the cylinder surface and the change of the ridgeline of the cylinder, the methods of cutting, bending, rotating, and recessing each part are adopted.
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